Online Training

In response to these challenging times, BLG Mind is offering businesses and organisations virtual training in mental wellbeing.

Working in isolation away from colleagues can add stress to a workforce. Our virtual training sessions will support employees in maintaining their mental wellbeing, developing greater resilience and working flexibly.

Our sessions are packed with practical tools and techniques to help your team.

Courses offered include:

Mental health awareness – 3 hours

Raises awareness of the importance of good mental health. Explores a range of topics, including the science behind stress, and how to recognise changes in our own and others’ mental health.

Building resilience – 3 hours

Clarifies what resilience is and how to build it; highlights the risks of exhaustion and burn-out, and explores ways to reframe unhelpful thinking habits.

Dealing with conflict – 3 hours

Helps identify potential situations that could create conflict, and introduces strategies for de-escalating them.

Mentally healthy teams – 3 hours

Supports understanding of what makes a mentally healthy team and offers strategies for staying mentally well at work, individually and as a team.

Providing remote mental health support  – 2 x 1.5 hours

Helps line managers support the wellbeing of their teams remotely in areas including boundaries, safeguarding, managing distress and facilitating online group support.

Wellbeing (for all) toolkit series – 6 x 1 hour

Explores the science behind stress, its early warning signs and coping strategies for managing it, as well as how to build resilience and practice self-compassion.

Line manager skills toolkit series – 6 x 1 hour

As teams adjust to a new way of working, this course supports managers in striking a balance between providing management, and learning to be flexible in their approach.

Session delivery

Each session is delivered via Zoom using functions such as breakout room discussions, virtual whiteboards, chat boxes and live polls to increase the quality of engagement and learner experience. Up to 30 people can take part at one time; the sessions will be scheduled to fit in with the availability of your people.

Enquiries and bookings

For all enquires and bookings for mental health training, please email Charlotte Crowe:


020 3328 0364


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