Mental Health

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We offer a range of mental health training designed to meet the needs of a diverse group:

      1. Mental Health Awareness Training
      2. Building Resilience Training
      3. Bespoke Mental Health Training.
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  2. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering our Mental Health Training online. Find out more

Mental Health Awareness Training (3 hours)

We offer Mental Health Awareness Training to a wide range of audiences. The training is suitable for those with no prior knowledge or experience of mental health problems.

“Thank you – very informative and sensitively delivered. It is tough to discuss issues that you relate to personally but positive to start conversations in the workplace. It made me re-evaluate the use of everyday language and engaging with others.”

A training delegate

This training raises awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing for everyone, helping participants to:

  • define mental health and dispel common myths
  • recognise changes in our own mental health and others
  • understand the science behind stress
  • identify our stress limits and releases
  • challenge stigma and use appropriate language
  • identify symptoms of a range of mental health problems
  • signpost to help and support.

This is a standard mental health training course but it can be adapted to include relevant scenarios and context for specific audiences.

It’s a 3 hour face-to-face session with a 15-minute break in the middle. It includes trainer-led content as well as audio and video materials and participatory discussion-based activities linked to case studies of people with lived experience of mental health problems.

Contact us to enquire or book.

Building Resilience (3 hours)

This half-day session highlights the risks of exhaustion and burn-out, clarify what resilience is and how to build it, and explore ways to reframe unhelpful thinking habits. It covers:

  • understanding the Exhaustion Funnel
  • identifying what we mean by ‘Resilience’ and how we can build it
  • recognising when we’re out of balance and how to regain balance
  • developing a personalised ‘Wheel of Wellbeing’
  • identifying unhelpful thinking habits and how to reframe them
  • understanding the importance of self-compassion for resilience.

“I learned that the unhelpful thoughts I sometimes have happen to everyone. So it’s not just me”.

A training delegate

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Bespoke Mental Health Training

In addition to our core training, we offer bespoke training to fit your organisation’s specific needs and context. This ensures the training we deliver has maximum impact for you and your team.

With Bespoke Mental Health Training, we work with you, throughout the training design process, from identifying your intended learning outcomes through to collaborating on the design of participatory activities, agreeing on a delivery style and ensuring an effective evaluation.

“It taught us all something and encouraged discussions we’ve never had.”

“Knowledge of the trainer was very good”.

Training delegates

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Enquiries and Bookings

For all enquires and bookings for mental health training, please contact Charlotte Crowe.


020 3328 0364


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