Уведомление о конфиденциальности персональных данных

Причины, по которым нам нужна информация о вас: 

  • Планировать и предоставлять услуги;
  • To create an appropriate person-centred support plan in-line with your needs;
  • Для эффективного взаимодействия с другими службами в ваших интересах;
  • Чтобы помочь защитить вас или других от жестокого обращения или вреда;
  • Чтобы помочь вам организовать и получить услуги, когда это необходимо;
  • Чтобы внешние регулирующие органы, инспекторы и спонсоры могли проверять и проверять наши услуги и обеспечивать их соответствие требуемым стандартам;
  • Чтобы мы могли проверять, проверять и улучшать качество наших услуг и увеличивать их пользу для вас и других;
  • Чтобы мы могли обеспечить доступность наших услуг для всех слоев общества. 

Our Legal Duty as a Data Controller

The Data Protection Act 2018 allows us to process your information providing we do so lawfully and fairly, whilst ensuring with you your information is accurate, up to date and necessary for the services we agree to provide. We must retain your information for as long as you are a client, but often our funders require that we retain it for a set number of years after you cease being a client for audit purposes. We must keep your information securely and confidential at all times.

The Data Protection Act 2018 and UK General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) require us to tell you that Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich (BLG) Mind are the data controllers and that the legal basis under which we will be processing your data is legitimate interest, as we need the data in order to be able to provide you with a service, for example, your name, address and telephone number.  In the case of what is classed as special category data, for example ethnicity, disability, religion, medical diagnosis, the data is processed under paragraphs (a) and (h) of article 9 of the UK General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR).  This is that explicit consent has been given or that we are providing health or social care respectively. Where explicit consent has been given, it can be withdrawn at any time.

Please note that the MM befriending service uses the Views application as its database.  Details of their privacy policy can be found here: www.substance.net/privacy-notice.

Confidentiality & Sharing Data

We share information with other organisation(s) or person(s) you list on your Consent to Share Information form. In certain circumstances, there may be occasions where it is necessary to share information without your consent with other organisations in accordance with BLG Mind policies, common law and the Data Protection Act 2018 as appropriate. For example, in circumstances where disclosure is felt to be justified in the public interest e.g. to protect you or someone else from harm. In these circumstances the information shared will always be kept to the minimum necessary. If it is not possible to comply with your wishes shown on the agreement, our staff will explain what information must be shared and with whom.

Право жаловаться

If at any time you think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data you have a right to complain to the Information Commission’s Office or to our data protection lead, who can be reached at Data.Controller@blgmind.org.uk.

Больше информации

Более подробную информацию можно найти в нашей Политике конфиденциальности, которую можно найти на нашем веб-сайте по адресу www.blgmind.org.uk/privacy. Alternatively if you would like us to send you a paper copy, please phone 01689 811222.

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