BLG Mind delivers new wellbeing parenting pack

BLG Mind is delighted to announce the successful delivery of a wellbeing pack designed to support new dads, partners and non-birthing parents during pregnancy and the first two years of a baby’s life.

The pack consists of two booklets: ‘Better mental health for new dads, partners and non-birthing parents’ and ‘Wellbeing skills for new parents’.

The booklets offer guidance on the best ways to care for yourself and your partner both mentally and physically during the life-changing process of becoming a parent.   

Funded by NHS England, the book was written by Neville Walters, who runs BLG Mind’s Being Dad group, which helps new and expectant dads look after their health and wellbeing.

BLG Mind Head of Development Charlotte Fletcher says: “The booklets are hugely focused on wellbeing, and on educating men and other non-birthing parents on what to expect during what can be an incredibly challenging time.

“Just as women can experience the baby blues or postnatal depression, so the hormones of men and non-birthing partners can be negatively impacted by a birth. However, there isn’t a great deal of support around currently about this, which is why we feel these booklets are so important.”

The ‘Wellbeing skills for new parents’ booklet covers topics including: how to listen; how to cope with negative thoughts; and working on your relationship with your partner. Meanwhile, in the ‘Better mental health for new dads, partners and non-birthing parents’ booklet, subjects such as coping when you are not in a relationship with the baby’s mother; and the struggle to balance work and family demands are examined.

Each booklet offers numerous links to further information and supportive organisations.

The booklets can be downloaded below, and will also soon be available on the website for Home-Start, a local community network of trained volunteers who support families with young children at challenging times.

Download the booklets

Better mental health for new dads, partners and non-birthing parents – PDF download

Wellbeing skills for new parents – PDF download

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