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Back in March 2020, Mindful Mums responded to national guidance on COVID-19 and made the decision to suspend face-to-face services in order to keep pregnant women, new mums and babies, and staff and volunteers safe.

Our face-to-face groups are now being held again, but we’ve made the decision to keep running our groups on Zoom as well for mums who would prefer not to attend in-person. Two of the women who have been attending these online courses tell us what they think of them.


“Some weeks I count down the days until the next online session, such is the impact on my mental health.”

“I found the Mindful Mums programme an invaluable experience. Each session made me feel stronger in my capabilities as a mother. This confidence was largely due to the safe and non-judgmental environment created by the facilitators, which allowed me to be honest with myself and with the other mothers during the discussions.

“The recent online drop-in sessions have in some ways been easier and more practical for me. They have removed the time pressure and stress of travelling to the children’s centre on public transport with my baby.

“The online groups have also been smaller and more fluid in terms of the themes and consequently have often felt more personal. For example, I shared a situation I had experienced during one meeting and, at my request, the facilitator then created a session specifically exploring how to cope with this a few weeks later, which was incredibly supportive.”


"Just to link-in with other mums, have a moan and a laugh has genuinely got me through lockdown – it’s a lifeline."

“I took part in the Mindful Mums course for five weeks and have been attending the drop-ins since. I was a bit apprehensive of meeting new people at first, especially online; however, the facilitators make it really friendly and put us all completely at ease with their openness and kindness.

“I think the directed conversation and topics work really well and there’s always such a good flow. Everyone has a chance to speak. The relaxations and practical support have been amazingly helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just to link-in with other mums, have a moan and a laugh has genuinely got me through lockdown – it’s a lifeline. Sharing with other local mums helps me to feel like I’m not alone and I am not going mad! I have been surprised at just how much I have had in common with complete strangers (who now feel like friends).

“I’ve been inspired, learned things and been made to laugh when I’m feeling down! Everyone is so accepting of each other’s moods and situations, and everyone just listens – and nods! Which is really reassuring.”

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