Build Your Mental Health Training Package

Letting us know who you would like to train helps us tailor our content to their needs so they get the most out of their learning experience. We can deliver modules that are relevant to all staff in your organisation, specific teams and managers. We also offer Mental Health First Aid training for staff taking up that role within their organisation.

Please complete the steps below to send us your training choices.

Step 1. Choose your training topics

Please note: All of the modules below last one-hour and are delivered online. We can also offer face-to-face training if sessions are combined to make three or more hours.

Please select the training topics you are interested in. You can check as many as you like and you can select topics from multiple groups (All Staff, Teams and Managers).

The most important question to consider when picking your training topic(s) is ‘what would you like the training to achieve?’ Each of our modules are one- hour in duration and are designed around a range of learning outcomes that enable your people to carry their learning forward beyond the training itself. We recommend starting with our core module and building your own personalised ‘training toolkit’ from there.

To select the training you are interested in, open the menu of modules by clicking the + sign and then click on the + sign again to open up more information about that module and check the select training box. You can pick and mix from all three areas depending on your needs.

Once you have selected your choices, these will automatically feed into the form at the bottom of the page/ This means that once you’ve filled in your details and submitted your form, our trainer will know exactly what modules you are interested in.

Step 2. Choose your delivery method

During the Covid-19 pandemic we have moved quickly to adapt all our face to face training to an online context so we are now able to offer all our sessions via Zoom or a Covid-secure training venue of your choice.

Face-to-face training is delivered on a half day (3 modules) or full day (6 modules) basis.

Online training is delivered through a weekly workshop series format, through your choice of 3, 6, 9 or 12 x 1 hour modules. Please make sure you have downloaded Zoom to your computer and set up an account prior to your training.

Step 3. Send your choices to us

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