Nature photography celebration terms & conditions

Before emailing your images to us or posting them on social media and tagging us, using the hashtag #BLGMindMHAW or both, please read these terms and conditions (T&C).

By sharing your photograph with us in the aforementioned ways, you will be deemed to have read, fully understood and agreed to the T&C, that you have the right, authority and capacity to agree to the T&C, and that you acknowledge the T&C to be legally binding between you and us.

If you do not agree to these T&C, please do not share photographs with us in the previously stipulated ways. If you have any questions, please contact us at before sharing your photographs.

BLG Mind seeks no ownership of the content (photographs and words) submitted to the website or brought to our attention via social media, and respects and supports the rights of the creator and/or owner. Copyright remains with the image creator and/or owner at all times and you retain all rights to the content that you previously enjoyed. However, by submitting Content to the BLG Mind Nature Photography Celebration, you represent and warrant to BLG Mind that you are the original photographer and, accordingly, all rights, including copyright in and to the Content, are owned by you or you have the permission of the copyright holder and that BLG Mind is free in perpetuity to use the Content as provided in these T&C without obtaining permission or a licence from any third party.

What we can do with the content

By uploading your Content to the BLG Mind Nature Photography Celebration, you agree and grant to us the rights in perpetuity so that we can:

  • Reproduce, distribute and display the Content, within the scope of the various functionalities of our website and from time to time, including without limitation, making it available for sharing with other users and on other platforms and through other channels
  • Include the Content in marketing material sent to other platforms and channels in conjunction with the BLG Mind Nature Photography Celebration; market and promote our work using the Content; use the Content for such other purposes as is reasonably determined by us.

No fees shall be payable for any of the above uses.

We cannot guarantee that every use of the Content will include the photographer’s name.

You agree that we can:

Alter the photograph submitted, including any cropping, manipulation, combining and creation of derivative images providing such alteration is not defamatory or otherwise unlawful.

Add, amend or delete any captions, keywording or information supplied to us relating to the photograph submitted, including but not limited to, permissions, tags, descriptions, number of people, date taken, location and usernames (“Metadata”) for any photograph for any reason.

Remove or disallow any photograph that has been submitted at our discretion; and categorise the photographs, for example into marketing and editorial, at our sole discretion.

You further represent and warrant that: the Content does not defame any person and does not infringe upon the copyright, moral rights, publicity rights, privacy rights or any other right of any person, or violate any law or government regulation in the United Kingdom; you are solely and exclusively responsible for all Content that you submit.

If you have any questions, please email / tel 07808 647740.

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