Greenwich Dementia Support Service

The Greenwich MindCare Dementia Information and Support Service was launched on 1 April 2020 to provide dementia advice, information and support for people with a dementia diagnosis and their carers.

The new service replaces the previous provision, which was run by the Alzheimer’s Society. The Greenwich Mindcare service will continue to build on close partnership work with Oxleas Memory clinic. Dementia advisors will be situated alongside the Memory Service at Memorial Hospital, ensuring a seamless route from diagnosis to accessing an advice, information and support service.

The new service provision includes:

  • Personalised advice and information
  • Individual, person-centred support planning
  • Help to access other support, services and community resources
  • Carer-specific workshops
  • Follow-up support and contact

Clients who were receiving dementia support from the previous service provider will be able to transfer easily into the new service.

Contact and referrals 

All new referrals for people with a diagnosis of dementia seeking advice and information will come through a single point of access: email / call the service number 020 3198 2222.

For more information about the new service, please contact Judith Unsworth: / 07742 407189; or email the duty email: