“I have enjoyed the befriending support. We have had some really good sessions and various outings. I feel I have gained confidence as a mum. I am grateful that such a service was available to me.”

Bromley Mindful Mums Befriending  provides pregnant women and new mums with regular, practical, social and listening support on a one-to-one basis.

Having a baby isn’t easy at the best of times, especially with modern day demands of work, health, relationships and traditional family support networks not always being an option. Challenges and struggles are normal during pregnancy and after birth.

To support women through this period and help them to stay well, Mindful Mums Befriending matches a pregnant woman or new mother with a trained Volunteer Befriender to help with things such as:

  • Accompanying the mum to a local group or out and about in the community
  • Providing non-judgemental space for them to talk about the highs and lows of pregnancy, birthing and motherhood
  • Assisting with tasks in the home
  • Finding out about and using other local services that can help.

All Volunteer Befrienders are interviewed, background checked, trained and have experience of the pressures and emotional difficulties that pregnant women and new mums can go through. Volunteers receive ongoing training and support as part of their role.

Example of Support

Jackie recently had her third child with her husband and the family lived in a third floor flat, in a building with no lift. Jackie’s husband worked long days during the week and Jackie literally could not get out of the home until her husband was free at the weekend. Getting herself, two toddlers, a baby, their pushchairs and vital accessories down three flights of stairs, without assistance, was impossible. Jackie started to feel increasingly upset, stressed and depressed and this was affecting her health and ability to look after her family.

A Mindful Mums Volunteer Befriender could help Jackie get out of the flat more regularly and find groups for the toddlers to attend, giving Jackie some time to care for herself and her newborn baby.

What a mum said about Bromley Mindful Mums Befriending

“The befriending scheme seemed like a lifeline out of the way I was feeling. Although I didn’t know how I could talk to someone I’d never met before, I was surprised how easy it was to talk to my befriender.

“All the mixed up thoughts in my head began to unravel when we spoke, and after the first session I felt lighter.

“My befriender is a very genuine person and I have spoken about all sorts of things that have been bothering me since the birth of my baby. She can give some perspective and we talk through ideas about how to handle situations differently.”

Who Can Use This Service?

Bromley Mindful Mums Befriending  is for pregnant women and new mothers (with babies under 1 year old), who are registered with a Bromley GP and may be experiencing stress, emotional difficulties or low to moderate level mental health problems. This service helps pregnant women and new mothers stay well and look after themselves.

How to Access the Service

Pregnant women and new mothers need to be referred to Bromley Mindful Mums Befriending by a Health Visitor, Midwife or Oxleas NHS professional.

If you are pregnant or a new mum, you can ask your Health Visitor or Midwife to refer you to this service for support.

Professionals will need a referral form that can be requested using the contact details below.

Mindful Mums Befriending will then assess a woman’s particular needs and match them with a Volunteer Befriender, if the service is a good fit.

Find out more about Bromley Mindful Mums.


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