Sherell SalmonSherell Salmon is proof that having mental health problems and engaging in academic studies are not mutually exclusive.  

The south Londoner has battled severe anxiety and other mental health issues for years, leading to her being hospitalised at different points of her life.

But with the support offered by the Recovery Coordinator one-to-one service, Sherell undertook a Master’s in Astrophysics and spent time volunteering as a writer with the Royal Astronomical Society.

She says the Recovery Coordinator one-to-one service played a significant part in her ability to manage her mental health.

“I have borderline personality disorder, autism, OCD, depression and social anxiety, and although I struggle a lot with my challenges and in some situations, I understand that some things will never get better for me,” she said.

“I’m learning how to live with myself”

“With the support I have through BLG Mind, I am learning how to live with myself and to understand myself better. Every day is a struggle, but with the support I have it makes it a struggle worth fighting for.”

Sherell, who has accessed support from BLG Mind periodically since 2016, worked with a Recovery Coordinator to manage and gain more control over her mental health symptoms, and challenge her communication skills. She was supported by her Recovery Service Coordinator in applying for a student loan and writing a personal statement for her Master’s application, which drew on her lived experience of mental health issues, and how her love for astronomy has aided her recovery.

Sherell has experienced fewer hospital admissions recently, and has learned to embrace the services which enhance her quality of life, while at the same time becoming more independent and recognising what helps to keep her well.

Senior Recovery Coordinator David Powell said: “This year has seen Sherell take amazing steps forward in her recovery and quality of life by engaging in forums online and participating in a podcast.”

Sherell was recently interviewed by writer and lecturer Emeka Egbuonu as part of his podcast Stories by Emeka.

Listen to Sherell’s story, From Mute To Master’s In Astronomy.


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