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Bromley Peer Support

Peer support is when people use their own experiences to help each other. Our peer support groups facilitate members who have shared experience of mental health issues giving and receiving support in a safe environment.

What we do

Bromley Peer Support is a service for adults with experience of mental health problems living in the borough of Bromley who want to:

  • Run activity-based groups to help others in a similar situation (peers) or
  • Attend activity-based groups to support their own mental wellbeing.

Peer support is when people use their own experiences to help each other. It is widely recognised as an effective method of support for anyone experiencing mental distress.

Peer Support provides community-led solutions tailored to the individual needs of adults experiencing mental illness. The volunteers who run our mental health Peer Support activity groups have personal experience of mental illness, support and recovery.

“Peer support is support that is provided based on shared understanding between two people with similar experiences. The people involved play an active role in creating a safe environment for each other. In this space, people can use their shared experiences to give and receive support from each other. Peers make choices about what parts of their personal experiences they talk about, seek support for, and use to support other people.”

Supporting others

Adults with experience of mental illness who want to contribute to their community and help others can join our group of Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs) and Befrienders. PSVs and Befrienders will receive full training and support to run activity groups in accessible community venues.

Supporting you

Adults wishing to attend a group can join one of our regular groups to learn a new skill, develop social contacts or maintain their own mental wellbeing.

Courses during COVID-19

View Peer Support in the Community’s response to COVID-19.

Bromley Recovery Works is continuing to offer informal Mental Health Groups online during the COVID-19 outbreak: see the current programme.

How you will benefit

Volunteering in Peer Support roles has led many PSVs to paid employment.

Whether you want to be a PSV or attend a support group, Peer Support in Bromley has something to offer:

  • Rewarding and meaningful activity where everyone benefits, contributing to the community and wellbeing of others.
  • Develop new and rediscover old skills, passions and confidence.
  • Develop creative and leisure interests.
  • Manage and improve your own mental wellbeing.
  • Develop skills in organising, facilitating and supporting community-based groups.
  • Discover new opportunities to lead a fulfilling life.
  • Gain experience and skills to help you towards employment.
  • Make new friends.

The groups are friendly and welcoming with an atmosphere where everyone contributes and gains.


If you would like more information about becoming a PSV or attending groups in Bromley, please contact Peer Support Coordinator Nya Sampson at nya.sampson@blgmind.org.uk or send us an enquiry form by selecting ‘Contact us’ below.

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