Young Onset Dementia

Young Onset Dementia services

Bromley Dementia Support Hub provides support to younger people who develop dementia before the age of 65. We provide practical support for individuals and their carers. Our approach is a holistic one, which includes employment support, if required, and the needs of clients with young families.

Memory Mates

We operate a monthly peer-to-peer support and social group for people with young onset dementia (those aged under 65). Join us for a cuppa and a chat as we explore ways to give a voice to people diagnosed with young onset dementia – and have fun as we do so.

The Memory Mates group meets monthly on a Tuesday at Community House, Ground Floor, Room G8, South Street, Bromley, BR1 1RH. Community House used to be the former Magistrates’ Court and is opposite the fire station.

NB: Due to COVID-19, Memory Mates is being moved online. Please see the box below for further information.

How to get there


Stop Q, Widmore Road/Bromley Town Hall: 61, 119, 138, 146, 246, 269, 352, 367Buses 246, 269, 126, 208, 227, 261, 314, 320, 336, 354, 358, 638

Stop P, Bromley Town Hall: 126, 208, 227, 261, 314, 320, 336, 354, 358, 638


Bromley North Railway Station


  • Metered for two hours outside building in South Street.
  • Parking in Sainsbury’s West Street (you will need to purchase shopping/a ticket).
  • Two Blue Badge disabled parking bays close by in Court Street.
  • Single yellow lines in South Street.
  • Double yellow lines in Court Street.
  • The Glades shopping centre: it’s best to use the Boots car park end as it is closest to Community House. The Widmore Road entrance is the easiest way to access this part of the Glades car park.

Join Memory Mates online

Memory Mates and COVID-19

Memory Mates usually meets monthly on a Tuesday. However, as we have had to temporarily suspend face-to-face meetings due to COVID-19, we are moving Memory Mates online.

Dates are to be confirmed, but please contact us if you are interested in attending and we will get in touch as soon as details are firmed-up: telephone 020 3328 0366 / email


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If you have any questions about our Young Onset Dementia services, please contact us:


020 3328 0366


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