Benefits Assessment Support

Benefits Assessment Support helps adults experiencing mental health difficulties who live in Bromley, Lewisham or Greenwich to prepare for and attend vital benefits assessments.

"It helped me a lot. He [the volunteer] put me at ease as I don’t like going to places like that [benefits assessment centres] and the distances, not knowing what to expect. He looked after me, by just knowing what to expect. He talked me through it before we even started. Without the volunteer I would have lost my benefits."

The challenges of benefits assessments

Many people find attending benefits assessments difficult, increasing feelings of anxiety on top of any existing mental health and physical conditions they may have.

It can be difficult to find someone to attend benefits assessments with you for support, which may make it more challenging to explain to the assessors the full impact of any mental health problems you are experiencing. And while telephone assessments remove the anxiety around attending an assessment centre, they can also feel hugely challenging.

Because of these factors, people are often not awarded the benefits they need for everyday living, and need to go through a lengthy process of appeal while experiencing financial hardship and deteriorating health.

You don’t need to go through your benefits assessment alone.

How we can help you

Benefits Assessment Support provides trained volunteers who understand what the benefits assessment process can be like (and have sometimes been through it themselves).

They can:

  • Meet with you prior to your benefits assessment to get a full understanding of how your mental health needs affect your life. This can be by phone, video-conferencing, or face-to-face (when applicable).
  • Attend your assessment with you, helping you give the assessor a full and accurate picture of your health.
  • Meet with you within a month of the assessment to help you understand the next steps.

The support of a volunteer could increase the chances of benefits being awarded to you the first time around, avoiding a lengthy appeals process.


Following the COVID-19 lockdown, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) mostly conducts benefit assessments by telephone. Our volunteers are able to support you with your telephone assessment by being included in a three-way call. If your assessment is in-person at an assessment centre, our volunteers can also support you with this.

Contact and referrals

In order to access the Benefits Assessment Service you need to be referred by a professional. If you are not currently working with a professional, contact the organisation for the borough you live in below. You can also contact these organisations for general benefits enquiries.


Professionals can refer people to this service by downloading, completing and returning a Benefits Assessment Support Referral Form.

Privacy notice

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