Who We Are

Bromley, Lewisham & Greenwich Mind is the largest mental health and dementia charity in South East London, covering an area of approximately 90 square miles with a population of just over 868,000 people. We have grown substantially over recent years.

We are part of the Mind federation but exist as a registered charity in our own right. This means that while we are proud to be part of the Mind ‘family’, we are responsible for our own governance, policies and financial management, including raising our own funds.

We employ over 180 paid staff and 240 volunteers to deliver our services and our trustees give up their valuable time to govern the organisation. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff are our greatest asset, working hard ‘to be there when it matters’ for people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our Values

At the heart of our work lie the following core values:

  • Active participation, recognising and using the skills of people with lived experience of mental health problems and dementia.
  • Valuing individuality and responding to the unique needs, interests, histories and aspirations of everyone we support.
  • Reaching out to anyone who needs us, including reaching out to those who may feel excluded.
  • Continuous improvement to develop and deliver high quality, innovative and evidence-based services that meet changing needs,

What we do

Our primary focus is to help to improve the quality of life for people experiencing mental health problems and dementia, living in the three boroughs that we serve. Each year we support approximately 7,000 people with mental health problems and dementia.

We are firmly rooted within our communities, always striving to provide services that are in line with the needs of our clients. We respond to the needs of individuals through tailored services and are constantly evolving to provide new, innovative and effective ways to help and support people. Embedded in this approach is our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to involving people with lived experience in our service planning and delivery.

An important area of our work focusses on raising awareness of mental health and dementia, breaking down associated stigma and improving people’s understanding through training, coaching and consultancy to enable people affected by mental health problems and dementia to live the best life they can.

We are committed to working in partnership with other local organisations, drawing on our respective strengths to offer people the best possible support. Many of our services are delivered in partnership with other charities and with the local NHS Foundation Trusts.

Mental Health Services

We provide information, advice and psychological and social care support for people across a spectrum from mild to severe and enduring mental health problems.

We have a number of areas of specialisms, including counselling, provided in 20 languages, employment support and services with an emphasis on peer support.

Dementia Services

We enable people with dementia to deal with their diagnosis and retain their independence by providing information advice and support, and give their carers a much-needed break through our dementia respite service.

Wellbeing & Resilience Services

We provide services to help the whole population stay mentally healthy, including targeted support for expectant and new parents and university students.